Unique Baggage Delivery

Unicobag is the unique baggage delivery for airlines and passengers across the country. Unicobag let airlines to deliver their mishandled bags by booking and tracking at every stage. Also, Unicobag allows passengers to enjoy their trip by letting to bypass the baggage carousel and never hustle with their bags at arrivals.

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You Book an Order

Unicobag lets you book an order prior to arrival, so you and other millions of passenger never hustle with multiple heavy bags at your arrival destination.

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Unicobag Driver Picks Up Your Bags

After you book an order, Unicobag driver will get dispatched and will start navigating to the airport. Unicobag driver will appear at your baggage carousel and collect bags on your behalf.


You Bypass The Baggage Carousel

We let you enjoy your trip by skipping the baggage carousel. Unicobag driver will deliver your bags after retrieval.

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